Parenting of My Three Children Essay

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As an adult, it is likely that an individual has achieved college-level learning from both professional or personal experiences. On-the-job training, special projects, job responsibilities, committee assignments, formal presentations, and other experiences in the workplace may provide opportunities for learning to take place. Additionally, much college-equivalent learning can be gained from nonwork-related experiences: families and relationships, hobbies (art, music, drama), travel (foreign cultures), church (Sunday school, youth groups, Bible study), reading (literature, history, psychology), and community work (youth leadership, volunteer organizations, politics). These suggestions simply represent some examples.

The structure for each life-learning paper uses the developmental model of adult learning described by David A. Kolb. This model defines what to include in your papers and how to arrange the information. Experiential learning is presented to faculty evaluators through well-written essays.

Description: An effective life-learning essay presents to the faculty both articulation of your learning and documentation in a thorough, well-developed, and coherent essay. Each paper will describe the adult learner’s learning experiences and the principles learned using the structure of the Kolb model. Papers that include four well-developed cycles of the Kolb model should be approximately ten to twelve pages in length based on Times New Roman font size 12.

Credit cannot be awarded for experience alone, nor can the evaluators assume what you know as a result of a given experience. On the other hand, documentation alone cannot explain your knowledge. Products you have created, such as poetry, paintings, photographs, technical manuals, for example, cannot be evaluated for credit by themselves.

Development: Using the Kolb model effectively in the development of life-learning papers is covered and reviewed throughout the course. Learning to demonstrate your learning and develop life-learning papers around the Kolb model is a challenging process and for most students will take some time to learn. Your first attempts will help you to discover the areas where your use or understanding of Kolb or your writing skills need strengthening, but the feedback that you receive will help you to revise what you have written. Additional feedback will help you to continue to fine tune your use of Kolb.

Each of your papers will focus on one content area, such as Marriage and Family, Business Communication, or Personal Finance, and the body of the essay will include four cycles of Kolb to petition for three college credits. Each cycle of Kolb will be developed around a different concept or principle within the topic.

APA style and references

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