paper writing regarding chinese preventative healthcare industry research 1

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This paper is about Chinese preventative healthcare industry research. The purpose of this paper is to give advices to preventative healthcare providers in China to make them improve their service and help them know better about their customers’ concerns.

Unlike US or Canada, the preventative healthcare is not in a part of healthcare, which means people need to pay for it if they want the service. So, this is like a new industry in China. The elder people don’t have the habit to do preventative health check, but young people start to care about their body health.

The outline of the paper follows in this order: abstract, background, literature review, comparing China’s preventative healthcare industry and other countries, model ( don’t worry about this part, Im working on this part), result analysis ( I will work on this part as well) and conclusion.

The abstract should be around 1800 words long.

For the background part, you are asked to write the purpose of this paper, introduce the situation of China’s preventative healthcare industry and the general idea of this paper.

For the literature review, you need to talk about the health industry situation, previous studies about the healthcare industry and what is going on in the industry right now.

For the comparison part, you need to compare Chinese preventative healthcare industry and other countries, like USA, Canada , European, Japan or South Korea, you name it.

For the conclusion, summarize what you’ve done so far for the paper.

1.5 space, except for quotations, footnotes, references and captions, which may be single-spaced. Time New Roman, size 12.

All pages, except the title page should be numbered. The small roman numerals ( i, ii, iii…) are used for preliminaries. Arabic numbers (1,2,3…) are used for text, appendices.

The writing and punctuation within the thesis should be clear neat and correct. Since i am not a native speaker, the language using is not required to be too flashy.

There should be around 50 references. And words for this paper is around 16,000

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