Paper 3: Research-based Photograph Analysis

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  • •In a 5-7 page double-spaced paper, advance an original interpretation of an issue, figure, moment, or phenomenon as it is represented in the photograph you selected. You will conduct research, guided by an inquiry question, in preparation for your paper. Synthesize three of the most useful essay sources from your Short Writing 4 annotated bibliography to support and extend your analysis. At least one of the essay sources you use in your paper must be from a peer-reviewed academic journal and at least one of the sources must be an essay we’ve read for this class. Employ at least one portable concept from your sources, and when you do, engage with nuance by offering a “does not fit.
    • Your essay ought to have a specific, unobvious, and non-list thesis that establishes a relationship between the photograph and how it represents the issue, figure, moment, or phenomenon in question. Stay rigorously focused on defending this thesis. The thesis should be analytically rich enough to guide a paper 5-7 pages in length.


  • •To defend a reasoned judgment and to evolve it in the face of complicating evidence
  • •To quote and paraphrase accurately and gracefully
  • •To add nuance to the portable concept skill through the “does not fit”
  • •To make use of original research
  • •To practice all the most important skills you’ve learned over this course: summary, paraphrase, quotation, analysis, crafting specific and unobvious arguments, and using various modes of source integration

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