Overlapping Contexts 1: Richard III and Macbeth

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Please check the two link to view the books of :

Richard III: https://www.sparknotes.com/shakespeare/richardiii/summary/

Macbeth: https://www.sparknotes.com/shakespeare/macbeth/summary/

For each one please click on the translationand view the ACTs there. They will help you to do the following:

Overlapping Contexts: The Short Essays 1: Richard III and Macbeth

Following the completion of discussion of every second play, you will write a short essay that compares and contrasts overlapping themes, characters, situations, etc. as they occur in the two specific texts. For this assignment the focus will be on similarities and differences in Richard III and Macbeth.

Relying on your journals, lecture, discussion, and the specifically cited texts, write a brief, concise reflection on the interplay of important ideas, situations, characters, or themes. Specifically reference relevant aspects of text-to-text overlaps (i.e. where can you see the specific occurrences of a theme in both Richard III and Macbeth? How do these occurrences compare? How are they similar and how different?).

While the overlapping context papers are meant to be relatively short, it is necessary that they be specific and concise. Don’t try to cover everything. Chose one or two elements and be thorough within that context.

Rather than using extensive quotation, simple refer to the act, scene, and line(s) of your citation (i.e. Richard III, III, 1.1-35 would bring me to Richard III Act 3, scene 1, lines 1 thru 35).

Length: It is anticipated that your papers will range from a minimum of five to seven paragraphs, typed, double spaced, Times New Roman 12p. The seven paragraph paper is the most logical, given an intro, conclusion, and five paragraphs, one each focusing on each of the five acts.

This should be more than 3 pages and less than 6 pages.

If you think watching the movie will help you to do this paper, Please do. And please make this paper as good as you can the teacher is hard grader.

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