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Project Selection

The first step will be to select an organization of your choice in which you will implement your project. This organization will be used as the basis for each of the assignments throughout the course and should conform to the following guidelines:

  • Nontrivial: The selected organization candidate should reflect a real-life organization.
  • Domain knowledge: Students will utilize their knowledge of this organization to address assignments that are related to discussing the organization’s structure and its impact on organizational members.

Select an organization that fits these requirements, and submit your proposal to your instructor before proceeding further with the assignments in the course. Approval should be sought within the first few days of the course. Your instructor will tell you how to submit this proposal and what notification will be given for project approval.


Your first task in this process will be to select an organization to use as the basis of your Key Assignment. You will also create the shell document for the final project Key Assignment document deliverable that you will be working on throughout the course. As you proceed through each project phase, you will add content to each section of the final document to gradually complete the final project delivery.

The project deliverables are as follows:

1. Submit a project proposal to instructor for approval

2. Key Assignment Document Shell

  • Use Word
  • Title Page
    1. Course number and name
    2. Project name
    3. Student name
    4. Date
  • Table of Contents
    1. Use auto-generated TOC
    2. Separate page
    3. Maximum of three levels deep
    4. Be sure to update the fields of the TOC so that it is up-to-date before submitting your project
  • Section Headings (create each heading on a new page with TBD as content, except for sections listed under New Content below)
    1. Abstract
    2. Project Outline
    3. Organizational Structure
    4. Personality Type Assessment Results
    5. Personal Leadership Strengths and Weaknesses
    6. Impact Analysis on Organization Implementing Change
    7. Stakeholder Management Plan
    8. Communications Plan
    9. Negotiation Strategy and Plan

3. New Content to be Inserted in Above Shell

  • Project Outline
    1. Brief description of your project and why it is of value to the organization
    2. Material can be taken from the approved proposal that was submitted to the instructor, and this will serve as the draft for the proposal that you will be submitting to a potential publisher in the next IP assignment
    3. Be sure this project is approved by the instructor
  • Organizational Structure
    1. Select an organizational structure from those described in the PMBOK that most closely resembles the organization selected for this project
    2. Describe how it is similar to one of the structures along with deviations
    3. Draw an organization chart that defines the top role and at least two more levels underneath
  • Personality Type Assessment Results
  1. Use this link to take the Keirsey Temperament Sorter for free:
  2. Copy and paste the results of this assessment in your overall report
  3. Analyze the results of this assessment as it relates to you

For this assignment, you will be using what you discovered about your personality temperament along with the desirable characteristics and skills of an effective project leader to analyze your strengths and opportunities for development.

List all of the attributes that are part of your personality type on the left-hand side of a table such as the one shown below, and then list across the top some of the top skills and attributes you should possess as an effective project manager. You will place an “x” in each of the cells that you believe your attribute would contribute to that characteristic or skill. These are your strengths that you would expand upon in a discussion format below the table. Your opportunities for development are the empty cells where you should develop your action plan to develop these areas.

An example of a table you might develop is as follows:

Assignment Deliverables

  1. Update your Key Assignment document title page with a new date
  2. Update previously completed sections based on the instructor’s feedback
  3. Complete the New Content below, and copy it under the section in the Key Assignment document called: “Personal Leadership Strengths & Opportunities for Development”

New Content

Personal Leadership Strengths & Opportunities for Development

  1. Create a table or use another method to determine your strengths and opportunities for development to be an effective project manager
  2. Discuss your strengths below the table and explain why these are such important strengths to being an effective project manager
  3. Develop an action plan that includes development activities to address the opportunities for development

Identify your key stakeholders. Explain how your project might be perceived by your stakeholders as impacting them positively or negatively. Explain how your stakeholders might positively or negatively influence the outcome of your project.

Now you need to further your stakeholder analysis in a manner that will support developing a strategy for managing your stakeholders’ engagement. To help you develop your strategy, you have at your disposal four tools described in the PMBOK® Guide Chapter 13, Section

After you have completed your stakeholder analysis using these four PMBOK® Guide tools, use the information you have discovered and documented to develop your stakeholder management strategy as described in the PMBOK® Guide Chapter 13, Section 13.2, “Plan Stakeholder Management.”

Assignment Deliverables

  1. Update the Key Assignment document title page with a new date
  2. Update the previously completed sections based on the instructor’s feedback
  3. Complete New Content below, and copy it under the sections in Key Assignment document called “Impact Analysis on Organization Implementing Change”
  4. Complete your Stakeholder Register and Stakeholder Analysis

New Content

  1. Stakeholder register
  2. Stakeholder Analysis as follows:
  1. Group your stakeholders based on their level of authority (power) and their level of concern (interest) regarding the outcome of your project in a Power/Interest Grid
  2. Group your stakeholders based on their level of authority (power) and active involvement (influence) regarding your project in a Power/Influence Grid
  3. Group your stakeholders based on their active involvement (influence) and their ability to effect changes to the project’s planning or execution (impact) in an Influence/Impact Grid
  4. Use the Salience model to describe the classes of stakeholders based on their power (ability to impose their will), urgency (need for immediate attention), and legitimacy (how appropriate their involvement is)
  1. Utilize the results of your stakeholder analysis to construct your Stakeholders Engagement Assessment Matrix as described in PMBOK Chapter 13: Section 2 and at the link titled “Stakeholder Analysis Matrix” below in the Phase Resources. You will use the information you gain from your stakeholder analysis and assessment during your Phase 4 IP assignment to develop your Stakeholder Management Plan that identifies your strategies for effectively engaging your stakeholders
  2. Be sure to update your table ofThe two primary areas that you will thoroughly develop for this assignment are a motivation strategy/campaign and a communications management. This should be based on your stakeholder analysis and stakeholder management strategy that you accomplished in Phase 3. A table for identifying what stakeholder receives a particular type of communication might appear as a communication matrix as explained below.Assignment Deliverables:
    1. Update your Key Assignment document title page with a new date
    2. Update previously completed sections based on the instructor’s feedback
    3. Complete New Content below, and copy it under the sections in Key Assignment document called Stakeholder Management Plan and “Communications Management Plan”

    New Content

    1. Stakeholder Management Plan
      1. Identify desired and current engagement levels of key stakeholders
      2. Identify interrelationships and potential overlap between stakeholders
      3. Identify at least 5 strategies you can use to engage your stakeholders
      4. Develop a Stakeholder Management Plan that utilizes your identified strategies to achieve your desired level of stakeholders’ engagement
      5. Describe how the information you have included in your Stakeholder Management Plan will help you manage to achieve your desired level of stakeholders’ engagement
    2. Communications Management Plan
      1. Identify which types of communication (such as regularly scheduled meetings, shared media such as SharePoint, email, social media, hardcopy reports, etc.) you will use to communicate project status. Be specific on timeframes, the types of information that will be shared, and the level of detail that will be shared with these tools
      2. Next, discuss which stakeholder groups will receive the specific types of communication you have identified. This can be done via a matrix or a table by listing stakeholders in the left column, the types of communications along the top, and an “x” in the cells where a specific stakeholder group should receive a particular type of communication
      3. Layout an authorization plan and who will need to sign-off on specific communications or moving to the next phase in the project.
      4. Include samples of some of the reports or canned communications that will be sent
    1. Be sure to update your table of contents
    1. Complete New Content below and copy it under the section in Key Assignment Document called “Negotiation Strategy and Plan”
      1. New Content
      • Negotiation Strategy & Plan
        • Identify at least 5 potential situations or risk areas where negotiation may be required such as conflict resolution
        • Identify some of the negotiation techniques and strategies that could prove to be useful for each of these risk areas. Explain why
        • Identify the steps including preparation for and closure at the end of the negotiation process
        • Identify who will have the final decision-making authority in the negotiation session
        • Describe the negotiation process flow (you may use a narrative description or a diagram with explanation)
    1. Complete your Abstract (i.e., Section ii)
    2. Update the Key Assignment title page with a new date
    3. Be sure to update your table of contents before submission
  3. 3,500–7,500 words, which includes deliverables from previous weeks

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