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Your Project will demonstrate mastery of the web development skills and concepts learned in this course. You

are a member of a design team at Holmes Media Design, a premier web design and multimedia design firm in

Melbourne area. Recently, several local firms have approached Holmes Media Design with requests for

websites development. Your task is to analyze the competition and propose a page layout design appropriate

for your client’s business and target audience.

Assignment Requirements:

The assignment requires that you develop a website for your chosen client. The director of the chosen client

is interested in developing a website that effectively communicate to a target audience.

You will build a website with content of your client choosing. You need to work on the followings:

1. Choose Your Client

Your first step is to choose your client. Your lecturer must approve the topic of your web site.

2. Analysis

Your will need to do some investigation and background analysis. Feel free to contact your lecturer with your

questions about your client and their business.

a. Determine the top three expectations your client has for the website.

b. Determine the target audience.

c. What opportunity, problem, or issue the website is addressing?

d. What type of content might be included in the website?

e. Locate three potential competitors (or similar websites).

f. Use the Web Design Best Practices Checklist to analyze the competition. For each competitor, note

two strengths and two weaknesses.

g. The Analysis Report. Submit a one-page written description of your results for the four analysis steps



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