Google vs. China Watch “Google vs. China.” Outsourcing Jobs Watch “Outsourcing Jobs.&

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Google vs. China

Watch “Google vs. China.” 

Outsourcing Jobs

Watch “Outsourcing Jobs.” 

Culture of Corruptions Alive in Food Industry

Watch “Culture of Corruptions Alive in Food Industry.” 

Occupational Health and Safety: Employee Rights

Watch “You Decide: Occupational Health and Safety: Employee Rights” and respond to the discussion question: 

  • What is the relationship between legal and ethical issues in this scenario?

You Decide: Whistle-Blowing

Watch “You Decide: Whistle-Blowing” and answer the discussion question: 

  • What are the ethical issues surrounding whistle-blowers?

Week Three “Big Picture” Exercise

Legal and ethical issues can arise in any organization. How might these issues be different? What sort of relationship exists between the two? Provide an example of each from current events. What might the organizations involved have done differently to prevent these legal and ethical issues?

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