A. Draw a random sample of two hundred and fifty (250) households as per the Sample Selection… 1 answer below »

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  • you will be presented with a set of tasks to run on your unique data set (of 250 households) – the full list of tasks are listed below.
  • As much as possible, complete these tasks within the excel document. You will need to submit your excel document at the end of the assignment.
  • You will also submit a brief report in word addressing all the tasks below. When responding to the tasks, please explain the reasoning behind your answer, and refer to your Excel sheet.
  • Complete the following tasks based on the unique data set you generated. These questions should be answered in a Word document, with brief reasoning to justify your answers. Your answers and reasoning should correlate with the tables and graphs from the excel sheet.

    Task 1

    A. Draw a random sample of two hundred and fifty (250) households as per the Sample Selection Procedure. What sampling method have you used to select your sample data? In your opinion, is this the best method of sampling particularly when one is interested in characteristics like the gender of the household head, education levels etc., why or why not?

    B. Compute the descriptive statistics and draw a Box-Whisker plot of Expenditures on the following variables (all series in one graph!);

    (i) Alcohol (ii) Meals (iii) Fuel (iv) Phone

    C.Use information from the descriptive statistics and the boxplots in part (B) above to present a summary of your findings by contrasting different features of these distributions.

    Task 2

    A. Compute the top 10% value and the bottom 10% value of the household’s annual after-tax income (AtaxInc). What do these two values imply in terms of the distribution of the after-tax income?

    B. The series OwnHouserepresents whether a household owns a house or not, that is a qualitative variable. Find the proportion of the households who own a house in your sample and use this proportion to find the probability that any three of the five randomly chosen households will own a house.

    C. Draw a scatter plot of the natural log of total expenditures against the natural log of after-tax income, that is, ln(Texp) against ln(Ataxinc) and compute the coefficient of correlation. Express your finding of the linear relationship between the two variables.

    Task 3

    A. Construct a contingency table between the gender and the level of education.

    B. What is the probability that a random head of a household is a male and his higher level of education is Master?

    C. What is the probability that the head of household is a male among those who have the Master degree?

    D. What is the proportion of having the Bachelor as the highest degree from among females?

    E. Do you think that the events “gender of household head is female” and “Primary” are independent?

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