you will analyze all three of your initial positions you held on biodiversity, as you stated in… 1 answer below »

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IMPORTANT NOTE: Please look over the information I’ve provided in the attachments. As well, included the rubric and the responses assignment I’ve already done to help see the whole picture in terms of doing the reflection paper. The book this assignment is referring to is by Elizabeth Kolbert’s “The Sixth Extinction” please, use this book to include for this paper.

In this paper, you will analyze all three of your initial positions you held on biodiversity, as you stated in the Lesson 7 Journal Entry. You must analyze the evolution in your thinking regarding these specific beliefs as you read the book and after your discussions with fellow students. For full credit, you must:

  • State your initial strongly held beliefs, and how you arrived at them.
  • Analyze the evolution of your thinking, specifically about each of these beliefs. Indicate whether or not you changed your position, are rethinking it, are still firm in it, and any points in between. Indicate how confident you are in your (new or old) opinion, and why.
  • Be very specific about the information, research, and thinking that you did or encountered that changed your mind or reaffirmed your position.
  • Describe how you used critical thinking to analyze these topics, and whether or not you overcome bias, and if so, how.

Remember, you must do this for all three positions! This paper is graded on content, so there is no minimum length.

You are to submit a Microsoft Word document using double-spaced, 12 pt. font. You must cite all references using APA citation style and include a bibliography.

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