Choose a topic! You will pick one product or service, which will be the focus of your research…

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The T-Shirt Project

Global Environment of Business, Spring 2020

Brief Description: As stated in the syllabus, 25% of your grade will come from the “T-Shirt Project.” This assignment is 50% of your overall T-Shirt Project grade.


1. Read The Travels of a T-Shirt in the Global Economy. This book is the basis for the entire T-Shirt Project. There will also be questions on the final exam related to this book.

2. Choose a topic! You will pick one product or service, which will be the focus of your research and presentation. Anything product should work, but you can ask Dr. Horpedahl if you are unsure about your choice (you can’t use a t-shirt, pencil, or toaster, since we discussed those in lecture).

3. Create a presentation (such as a Powerpoint presentation) for your product. Since this is an online class, you will not be required to present it in person to me, but you should include enough visuals and information in the presentation that it would be suitable for an actual in-person presentation. You can add audio narration if you wish, but this is not required.

4. Write a short essay (900-1,000 words). Your grade will be determined by this essay and the presentation.It is due on April 23, along with your presentation from step #3. Note: this is a big part of your grade from a very short essay. Make sure you put a lot of thought and time into it! Cite sources properly for any factual information you report (Wikipedia is not a good source, but may contain good sources – cite those).

Your essay and presentation should do the following:

1. Describe how your chosen product is produced, including the diverse people and places that are behind the production and distribution of your product. This description can be in the same spirit as the themes from the T-Shirt book we have ready, and the toaster and pencil stories from lecture.

2. Discuss the diversity of cultures and economic, political, and legal systems that go into producing your product. Use chapters 3-6 in your textbook as a guide for the types of diversity across countries that may be important for your product.

3. Tell me what your learned from this project about global business and the diversity of business across countries.

Your essay will be graded based on meeting the word count requirement, correctly citing sources, overall quality of meeting the goals described above, and in part for how well it corresponds to the UCA Diversity Rubric B:

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