Please answer the following questions and show references: Question #1 From the case study, critique

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Please answer the following questions and show references: Question #1 From the case study, critique Amazon's compensation packages for seasonal employees using the primary objectives of strategic compensation programs. Determine whether or not Amazon successfully meets each of these objectives. If you find they do not, suggest basic methods by which Amazon could enhance their compensations packages to meet those objectives. Question #1B Predict the most serious performance appraisal complications that might arise for seasonal workers like those discussed in the case study. Recommend key strategies that you would use in order to address these complications as an HR manager. Information for Questions: Many retail organizations face a boom in business around the holiday season. To compensate for this increase in traffic, many organizations hire seasonal workers during their busiest periods. is one such company that hires temporary employees to meet the demands of holiday orders. Amazon is the world's largest e-commerce company and hires thousands of seasonal workers every year. Amazon pays their seasonal workers 94 percent of the starting wages of full-time fulfillment center employees, and seasonal employees are eligible for health benefits for the time duration of their employment. In 2012, Amazon converted thousands of their seasonal employees to full-time staff. And in 2013 Amazon announced a plan to hire 70,000 full-time seasonal workers at order fulfillment centers around the country, 40 percent more than they had hired in 2012. Therefore, it is likely even more seasonal employees will find themselves with a full-time position with the company. Helpful research links: • Integrity Staffing: Jobs at Amazon ( • Sharples, Ben. 'Amazon Hiring 70,000 Seasonal Workers for Holidays.' October 1, 2013. (

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