nur 4828 nurse leadership and management

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For this assignment, you will find 5 situations/scenarios where communication, handling conflict and team building are essential. Think about how you would handle each of these situations and apply the knowledge from the Chapters read to answer the situation assigned to you. To alleviate duplication each student selects a different discussion.

Please answer the situation assigned by the due date and reply to, at least, one of your classmates by the Wednesday after the original due date. Refer to the grading rubric and schedule for due dates.

Student Discussion 1

You are a nurse manager of your unit and you notice that the day shift and night shift are having a “war”. Tasks that are supposed to be done during the day shift are being left for night shift to complete and tasks that are normally done during the night shift are being left for the day shift to complete. Every time you walk into the break room, someone is gossiping about someone. Morale is suffering on the unit. What strategies can you institute in order to help communication, boost morale, build teamwork and end the “war”?

Student Discussion 2

You are a graduate nurse in the ICU and your preceptor is not too happy to have another GN to precept. The first encounter was poor but you tolerated it and endured the cold shoulder. You asked several other nurses on the unit about how to deal with your preceptor and they all said that she is like that at first, but once you get to know her she is quite pleasant. Using conflict management techniques presented in the text, how would you handle this situation? If what you try doesn’t work, what are other options? What are some team building strategies that can be applied to avoid this in the future?

Student Discussion 3

You are a nurse on a busy 42-bed telemetry unit. Both the staff nurses and nursing assistive personnel (NAP) work 12 hour shifts. Change of shift hand-off report occurs at 0700 and 1900 daily. During the staff meeting, the nurse manager charges everyone to think of ways to improve patient satisfaction. You note that patients are dissatisfied during the change of shift hand-off report times when the unit hallways become crowded and noisy. Most nurses and NAP are not available to answer call lights and attend to patient needs during this time. What are some suggestions you can make to improve patient care during the change of shift hand-off report? If you are asked to lead a team to problem-solve and identify solutions to these issues, what qualities do you possess that will be essential in this team leadership role? What qualities would you look for in selecting your team members? How can you use the five stages of team development – forming, storming, norming, performing and adjourning – to develop your team?

Student Discussion 4

Stacy was nearing the end of her 12 hours day shift and looking forward to attending her son’s final high school soccer game after work. Just when she was ready to leave the unit, a new patient unexpectedly arrived and needed to be admitted. Judy, the nurse on the next shift, asked Stacy to admit the new patient before she left. Stacy refused, and a heated exchange occurred. What were the conditions leading to the conflict. What was the core of the conflict? Who was right? How can conflicts like this be avoided in the future?

Student Discussion 5

You are the charge nurse of a busy 20 bed Women’s Health Unit. You just received a call from the emergency department that you’ll be admitting a 21 week pregnant woman who is actively contracting and will be aborting the fetus. You put a call out to the on-call nurse who refuses to come in because “that is too close to viability, and it will be killing it which is against what I believe”. What do you believe is the basis for this conflict and how can you best resolve it with the intention of providing the best care for the client?

Student Discussion 6

You are a new nurse manager of a busy neuro/medical unit in a teaching hospital. You believe in emphasizing evidence-based practices. Your nursing staff is diverse in experience and education. During a staff meeting one of your novice nurses who is working on a DNP brought up a new protocol for skin care. The protocol was not received well by two of your “seasoned” nurses and the meeting did not end well with sarcastic comments and eye rolling on both sides. What do you believe is the basis for the conflict? How can it be resolved?

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