Neolithic Revolution

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The invention of food production and domestication of animals and plants had a biological impact upon humans. Physical anthropologists studying human skeletons found less mechanical stress on people’s bodies and teeth but also a deterioration in health and mortality. The domestication of animals facilitated the transmission of some animal diseases such as smallpox and chicken pox.

  1. Consider –
    • Why do you think some people of the past chose not to make the change from food foraging to food production and the domestication of plants and animals?
    • Identify one (1) good and bad consequence from foraging to food production for our species.
    • Describe the impact of these consequences upon the Neolithic population.
    • What problems exist in today’s world have their origins in the lifeways of the Neolithic? For example, sedentary lifestyle in the Neolithic and obesity in the 21st century.

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