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Part 1

Book info: Required Text(s): Using MIS (Customized) Author(s): Kreonke, D. & Boyle, R Edition: 10th Year: 2017 ISBN: 978-1-323-65701-0 Publisher: Pearson

Answer the following critical thinking questions:

1. Compare and contrast, then describe structured and dynamic processes. Evaluate workgroup processes, enterprise processes, and inter-enterprise processes, then explain their differences and challenges. Assess and summarize functional systems and functional applications.

2. Identify, discuss, and provide examples of two dimensions of process quality. Analyze and explain three ways that organizations can improve process quality.

3. Evaluate and describe five sources of challenges when implementing enterprise systems. Explain why enterprise systems management must be collaborative. Summarize the challenges of transitioning to an enterprise system, as well as the challenges that new technology poses for enterprise systems.

Your submission should be a minimum of one page of content in length, answering each question with a substantive paragraph of 4 – 5 sentences in length. Please type the question as well as your answer

Part 2

Book info for part 2 and part 3

Required Text(s):

Business Ethics Now










McGraw Hill

Week 9 Discussion: Whistleblowers

( )

Frenkel Says New SEC Whistle-Blower Rule `Unfortunate’
Please watch the video. Do you agree or disagree with Frenkel that the whistleblower program undermines a good-faith effort on behalf of companies to resolve corporate malfeasance? Do you think that the incentive of money will lead to more valid indictments? Explain your answer.

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Part 3

Week 9 Whistleblowing Reflection Assignment

Please answer the following questions in an MS Word document and upload it to this dropbox.

  • Describe what a whistleblower is in your own words.
  • Do you think that it’s honorable to be a whistleblower in the face of real ethical violations, or do you feel company loyalty is the most important thing?
  • What are the risks of whistleblowing?
  • After reading the five conditions for ethical whistleblowing (page 144-145), state your opinion. Do you agree or disagree with the five conditions?
  • Is whistleblowing ever unethical? Explain.

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