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I need help with an open letter essay I have to write. It at least has to be 500 words. Student Learning Outcomes (SLO) this assignment emphasizes:

  • SLO 1. Analyze and discuss primary sources (slave narratives, non-fiction, poetry, novels, short stories, drama, protest literature) to understand how African-American writers view the world; evaluate the similarities and differences between these writers’ experiences and one’s experiences.
  • SLO 2. Explain and evaluate the role of race, gender, ethnicity, and socioeconomic class in African American literature and articulate similarities and differences between different literary movements within African-American literature.
  • SLO 5. Explain how literature works as a tool for cultural preservation and reflection on the human experience.
  • SLO 10. Evaluate information to identify limitations and biases.
  • SLO 11. Understand that there are different perspectives on community, national, and international issues.
  • I need to use
  • Use the “Open Letter” entry in the Glossary (see Blackboard)
  • Use the Preface (page xi) and introduction (page xvi) in the anthology for ideas, guidance
  • Include references to specific authors or works
  • Use at least ONE secondary source (that does not come from the text – consider the “Further Reading” sections of the anthology)
  • I can send what I have in my Annoated Bibs so that you have some information you can use for it.

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