My companies is : Toyota corporation

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the companies I chose : Toyota corporation

For my individual research proposal, I have selected Toyota Motor Corporation, which is a Japanese company that specializes in multinational automotive manufacturer, so I have written on Toyota corporation. I have decided to split my focus on Toyota companies into four main sections: General Business Information and Mission Statement, Company Financials, Marketing Strategy and Human Resources.

My group company is : Tesla corporation

Individual Project Required

Each student will write a paper comparing the business practices of a Fortune 500 US
company with a similar company in another country. From these comparisons, the
student will draw conclusions on best business practices. The best practices can be that of
one of the two businesses, or a combination.

Length: The individual paper must be a minimum of 2000 words. Since this portion of
the assignment builds on the group research paper, I expect portions of the individual
paper to come from the group paper, but no more than 40% can come from the group

Sources: In addition to the sources used for the group project, three academic sources on
the non-US company’s practices must be used. See the description of academic sources
above. After the three academic sources, additional material can be taken from popular
media. All material must be cited properly every time a source is used in writing
(footnote citation) and in your bibliography. Place all direct quotes in quotation marks,
provide footnote citations for quoted and paraphrased material, and record all of your
sources in the bibliography. Use MLA or Chicago citation styles. The instructor will provide you with examples of the MLA and Chicago citation styles for in-text citation
and bibliographic usage.

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