Must be be able to follow directions and have text two part assignement

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: Please complete the one short answer question and one of the essay questions below.
Content: Make sure each of your point supports your argument and explain it thoroughly. Think ‘how’ or ‘why’ to
explain your reasons. Be clear in your responses.
Style: Follow all grammar and style guidelines. Titles of short stories need to be in quotes: “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”
and books need to be underlined or italicized The Giver

Short Answer (50 points):
Task: Complete the following short answer question.
Format: Your response should be at least a paragraph. Include in your response an opening sentence explaining
your argument, a supporting claim from the story, and a sentence explaining how this supports your argument.
Remember to include the title of the work.
 Film techniques, as we discussed, are ways for the directors to show the viewers things that as readers we
would understand through the written word: the relationships between characters, connection to the
audience, or the emotions in the scene. Identify one that you feel is the strongest way a director can portray
this. Explain why you feel the technique is the best way, what the technique and an example of it. Be
specific. For example, if you choose lighting, what about the lighting (color, direction) and use the film
technique terms.

Essay (100 points):
Task: Complete one of the following questions in essay format.
Format: Your response should be at least five paragraphs. Include in your response an introduction explaining your
argument (thesis), three supporting arguments with supportive events from the story and movie for each argument
(explain/describe the scene), and a concluding paragraph summarizing your argument. Remember to include the
title of the story. Explain your answer using several stories. Include which number you are answering at the
beginning of your answer and use different techniques and examples from above.
1. It is clear that the translation from book to screen changes some aspect on the audience’s perspective of the
story. What is the most significant change from book to movie? You may use setting, character, themes,
etc. to explain your answer.
2. When translating the story to film, the changes impact the audience can be significant enough that it
changes the story too much in the audience’s mind. What would be your best advice to film makers when
filming the story so that the story doesn’t stray too far? You may use film techniques or literary elements.

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