MFT 526 week 1 DQ

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DQ 1

Describe the similarities and differences between systemic foundation and social constructionist foundations in family therapy. Provide at least two examples of each.

DQ 2

In regards to marriage and family therapy, how does the code of ethics apply to a lesbian, gay, bi-sexual, transgendered, or queer (LGBTQ) families?

*****each initial post is to have two citations with references. One can be the text and the other a peer review journal article. As the resources link has peer review articles already identified, you can easily choose one of those or search the library for an article. Websites are not peer review so please do not use them as a citation. The purpose of knowing the literature is to help you identify how assertions are to be supported by research.

As well, when responding to peers, a substantial response includes a citation with reference to support the ideas being discussed. This citation can be the text; however, consider how we all read the text consider if you challenge yourself and peers with just rephrasing what the text says. Think about how you want to challenge clients to make change so if you don’t push to challenge yourself consider how the problems and potentials for change occur.

Chapters 1-3…



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