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Your Marketing Interview Sharing

Make sure to post a document with your questions (if not included in your presentation) to this blog entry by attaching the document are in the blog entry message box.

Explore the marketing communications function and structure within the organization or business where you are employed. If not employed, choose an employer you may aspire to work for. Learn how marketing content is creatively developed and produced for your organization or organization of choice.

Your presenting your findings and it will give you practice for your final project in the course of presenting in your choice of format. There are several options of how you can put your presentation together. You can use PowerPoint, Prezi or similar presentation tools/software and then record audio over the presentation using a screen recording software like Jing (free download for any OS) or Kaltura Media (housed right within Blackboard). Its recommended to use Kaltura so you can upload your presentation easily. By using Kaltura or Jing you can open up all of your pieces of the project and layer the pieces appropriately to review and close out each clip or image you narrate the presentation using screen recording. Also keep the presentation 5-8 minutes in length please. Once complete make sure to post a new thread in the discussion board and include your presentation by using the mashups or providing a link to your recorded presentation.

You need to consider the following for preparing your project:
• This can be a for-profit company or a non-for-profit organization. Examine the business/organization at the local regional and national levels.
• Utilize its website and Internet for foundational research.
• Use any internal resources at your disposal to learn as much as possible about the marketing function of the business or organization.
• Set up an interview by phone, in person or by email. Prepare at least 8-10 questions.
• Try to reach the marketing leader about their role of integrated marketing in the organization or business.
• Prepare your finding in a creative presentation by using visual elements to illustrate your points and findings.
• Presentation should not be longer than 5-8 minutes.

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