Managing with Technology discussions and case study

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this is a 3 part assignment first are discussions then responses and then a case study!!! FOLLOW ALL INSTRUCTIONS AND MAKE SUR EVERYTHING IS DONE CORRECTLY AND ON TIME!!!

Please answer each discussion with 250 -300 words, APA style. DO NOT FORGET THE CITATION!!!! Then write a response to 2 students for each discussion week with 100 words min, and directed at them in a positive manner not in 3rd person! The other students discussion posts can also be used as an example on how your initial post should be done. So by the end of this assignment your should have done 6 discussions and 12 responses!!! Read and watch all materials

Case Study – Technology Failure in Business (min 4 pages )

Students will conduct an analysis of a case study describing a failed technology initiative in an organization. Emphasis should be on how the technology failed the Business goals. Remember People Process and Technology work together.

This is an individual project. You are free to choose your own case or can use one of the cases listed in the assignment section of Blackboard.

In completing the case analysis, students will examine the particulars of the case, including the environment, organizational governance, business factors, and technology factors that contributed to the failure. Based on their analysis, the students will provide recommendations toremediatethe situation and prevent the same type of issue occurring in the organization in the future. Please review the rubric before starting your analysis to make sure you cover all the requirements.

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