Making a Workbook in Excel for Accounting

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Let’s use excel for creating software for a company to use frequently for
break-even analysis, budgeting and variance analysis.  The software (excel workbook) should be
attractive and user friendly: The name of the company is:

Fragrance, Inc., began operations on January 1, 2012. The company produces a hand
and body lotion in an eight-ounce bottle called Eternal Beauty. The lotion is
sold wholesale in 12-bottle cases for $80 per case. There is a selling
commission of $16 per case. The January direct materials, direct labor, and
factory overhead costs are as follows:

Make a
workbook in excel and apply the worksheets within it.

One: Break-Even Analysis

Determine a fixed and variable portion of a utility cost using the
high-low method.

Determine a contribution margin

Determine a fix cost

Determine a break-even number

Two: Budgets

Include a production budget

Include a direct materials purchase budget

Include a direct labor budget

Include a factory overhead budget

Include a budgeted income statement

Three: Variance Analysis

Determine a direct material price and quantity variances

Determine a direct labor rate and time variances

Determine a factory overhead controllable variance

Determine a factory overhead volume variance

(see attachment) Please use excel 2003 and higher only

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