Literature Study

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a minimal 5 books that represent three different diverse groups other than your
own.  (children’s books or adult books on
diversity/ multiculturalism or that shows diversity in education) 


For each book, you are required to: Complete Bibliography

1 Include:
the author, publishing date, title, publishing company location,
Publishing Company (APA format).

Eg. Mitchell, T. (2012). People
in organizations
. New York: McGraw-Hill.  Include
the ISBN.

addition, write a summary of the each book.
Don’t forget to
identify the diverse group represented in the book.  Identify the setting.  Was the setting important to the happenings in
this story?  Why or why not? Why did you
choose this book? Discuss your personal reactions to the book. How and in what
way did the book   increase your
knowledge and understanding of the represented group? Was the information
factual and authentic? Use the Evaluation Checklist to assist your discussion
of each book. Discuss the implications for teaching and learning in a diverse
society. Use good visuals for each book.

  Rate each book using
information discussed, textbook and handouts distributed in class. Rate on a 1-3 scale with 1 the lowest and 3
the highest and why. 

Guide to Rating Multicultural Books:

Here are some instructions for Literature Study: photo.JPG

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