LIBR hw Annotated Bibliography I

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Annotated Bibliography I

If you are in ESL 400 you will be writing about your resources for your Education Essay. This Annotated Bibliography is a separate assignment from your ESL 400 Education Essay, but library research is a requirement of your ESL 400 Education Essay and it will help you write it.

If you are not in ESL 400, choose a topic that interests you or that you are studying in another class.

The purpose of this assignment is to show me that you can:

  • Cite correctly using MLA.
  • Find quality resources for your ESL 400 essay.
  • Evaluate your resources using CRAAP
  • Relate your research to your essay.
  • Summarize your resource.


Find Two resources from a the library book collection or from a library database (ERIC, Opposing Viewpoints, CQ Researcher, EBSCO eBooks, Gale Virtual Reference Library, Statista) related to your topic for the ESL 400 Essay 2: Education. If you are not in ESL 400 research a topic you are interested in learning more about. These resources CANNOT be an assigned reading or textbook from any of your classes.

Cite your resource using MLA. (Remember to double space your citations, include a hanging indent, and put your citations in alphabetical order.)

Write a short summary (2-3 sentences) of your resource. What are the main points? What is the article about? Be sure that this is in your own words.

Evaluate each resource’s credibility and quality. Answer at least two of the following:
Currency- When was the article written? Is it recent enough for your topic?
Relevance- Who is the audience for this article? Students, teachers, the general public, children, professionals, etc.
Authority- Who is the author or publisher of the article? What are their credentials (do they have a degree in the topic, for example). Why is the author qualified to write on this topic?
Accuracy- Is the information supported by evidence? Are there any citations or a list of resources that the author used in their article?
Purpose- What is the purpose of the information? Is the author trying to inform people about a particular topic or teach students about a certain subject? Is the author trying to sell you a product? Is the author trying to persuade you to agree with a particular idea or point of view? Are there political, ideological, cultural, religious, institutional, or personal biases? Hint: to evaluate purpose use words like persuade, inform, educate, entertain, sell, etc. Note: The purpose is different from the summary.

Write a short description A short (2-3 sentences) description of how you will use the resource in your essay. If you are not writing an essay, write about why you think this resource is interesting.

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