LAB 1 Assignment

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DSL 100 Laboratory Assignment


The lab assignment for this class is intended to instruct the students as to the pieces of the scientific method in a hands-on fashion. Through demonstrations by the instructor, and designing an experiment of their own, students will gain an appreciation for the scientific method in a hands-on fashion. The first part will consist of an in-class lab demonstration by the instructor. The second part will consist of a designed experiment where students will be guided through hypothesis formation and testing. The third part will consist of a student designed experiment which attempts to answer student-generated questions about their own physical environment. All three labs will be followed by a lab report that will be assessed using the DSL 100 Journal grading rubric.

Follow the lab 1 pdf and get it done with lab#2-DSL100.

APA format

follow the rubric in the lab 1 pdf.

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