Indian Schools: Genocide by Any Other Name Indian Schools: Genocide by Any Other Name

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Genocide by Any Other Name

The United Nations defined genocide as

1. The killing of a people and the creation of conditions that kill a people.

2. Theft of land.

3. Destruction of culture – including language, customs and family organization.

4. Theft of children.

5. Forced sterilization.

Read the Handout Genocide by Any Other Name

Online: Video: 500 Nations Part 1 from 4:20 to 15:43 If the link is broken go to and search for 500 Nations Part 1.



Discussion Guidelines

DO NOT Post questions regarding Genocide. The purpose of this reading is to focus on what happened to the children when they were in school and what were the consequences of their treatment. OMIT GENOCIDE unless it is in reference to the long and short term consequences for the children.

For the Discussions write 8 questions using the following guidelines:

1. What was the main theme or purpose of the readings? What problems or concerns were identified? How does this information change the way you perceive history or the interactions between peoples and groups in history? 2 questions

2. How do the Additional Sources support the chapter? 2 questions

3. What were the interactions between “the powerful” and “the people?” What choices did “the people” have in response to “the powerful?” How did “the people” respond to these problems? 2 questions

4. How are the problems identified in the reading similar to problems encountered by “the people” today? What actions can you take to address or solve these problems today? 2 questions

After you post your Discussion questions respond to 4 of your classmates’ questions: one from question 1, one from question 2, one from question 3 and one from question 4. Reply to a different classmate for each question.

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