I want you to help me with my assignment for history

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I want you to help me with assignment and i am going to send you all the things that the teacher want from us and also the steps please follow all the steps.

The Activity:

Online Discussion 7 (Journalism Activity):

For Chapter 9, Think about how the American landscape is changing (politically, socially, technologically, and geographically). There are tremendous changes taking place as a result of this “market economy” that is really starting to reach new heights during this period. The country will be more interconnected during this period as a result of engineering and changes in infrastructure. Some of these changes will impact the way Americans will be communicating in the coming years. Write a letter to a loved one as if you were living in this period. Please be sure to tie in who you are, where you come from, and some of the changes you are witnessing the country go through. What are some of the changes you are reading about in newspapers, or hearing about in town gossip. Have fun with this assignment, but this should also create a wide spectrum of responses, depending on who you are (class), where you are writing from (geography), and what you see (society).

For example:

My Dearest Annamae,

I had the fortune of traveling down the river the other day, and it was a sight to see. I would have never imagined a boat operating on steam but this is a sight all too common going down the Mississippi now a days. I seen everything on this boat and cannot wait to travel again, on a different river, on a different boat. Your responses will have more vivid detail with information from the chapters. Keep citing, Give Me Liberty! Your Responses should be at least 250 words that draw on the following questions:

*What was the catalyst, or main driving force behind the market revolution?

*Describe how communication continued to develop during this time.

*Slavery continued to be a reality of everyday life, what was life like for African Americans (free & slave) during the period of the market revolution?

*Industrialization and the emergence of a new middle class are starting to take shape during this period, but how and why? Is this inevitable?

*American freedom and westward expansion, is there a connection? But for whom?

You do not have to answer these questions in this particular order, but be sure to address them in your letter. Also to keep in mind, what changes have you seen or experienced the past 20-30 years from the period you are writing.

Yours Faithfully,


*I know it may seem cheesy, but you could actually make this assignment fun once you let your imagination run wild (as well as answering the q’s).

Please respond to the letters of two other classmates. I am sure they are eager and awaiting your feedback. Similar to the journalism discussions you do so well, this time writing a letter.

If you have any question let me know


good luck

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