I need to write a synthesis essay about why college shouldn’t be free?

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My essay should be about why college shouldn’t be free? why don’t we have aa fee-free tuition in this country?

how would it be related to the fininacial crisis of 2008, and how is student loans a ruining america and it’s future?

Also, we had to write a bibliography that contains 5 sources, and I have done one already. I will drop the bibliography file, and also the sources’ files to support the thesis (these sources are very important to support it). Btw, one of the sources is actually an article in Huffington post this is it’s link –>https://www.huffingtonpost.com/haley-snyder/should…

you can go ahead and check out the files attached and the Huffington post article too. Please, I need help on this and I hope you could.

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