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The expectation is that you will provide a complete and competent discussion of your thesis.

There is the expectation that at least four (4) secondary sources will be cited in the body of the essay and identified in the Works Cited. The primary source(s) for the literature used in the essay will be the May anthology, and it must also be included in the Works Cited. The primary source is not among the four (4) secondary sources required, although discursive content from the anthology can be used as a secondary source.

You should follow the MLA Style guidelines. Margins, paragraph format, and double-spacing are prescribed by the MLA Style guidelines. I will not accept a submission that is not double-spaced.

I will not accept a submission that is not set-up margin left – do not use “justify.” I require that all pages are numbered in a header in the upper right corner.

Once the work is done, and the essay is complete, proofread the essay one last time and submit the essay. The essay must be submitted as a Word document only.

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