I have to reply to two of my peers discussions and agree with them and under the discussion i have to respond to i put an example 1. Something I have learned during this week is what classical c

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I have to reply to two of my peers discussions and agree with them and under the discussion i have to respond to i put an example

1.   Something I have learned during this week is what classical conditioning means. Classical conditioning influences the behavior because it is a type of learning where there is an association between stimulus in the environment and a naturally occurring stimulus. While learning this, it made me think of an instance where I can apply this classical conditioning to. This past week has been very tough for me because I recently got into a car accident for the first time. The trauma that I experienced during and after the accident is an example of classical conditioning. Not only did I get hurt on my hands due to the hard-hit, but also a slight concussion, therefore, I definitely don’t want to be stuck in a similar situation again where I re-experience the same thing again. Whenever I take a turn to the right or the left, I begin to feel uncomfortable and I could feel my heartbeat fast. In fact, whenever I sit back into the car, I do feel a rush of anxiety, and it has been a hard step for me jumping back into the car especially since this accident took place 2 days ago. In regards to classical conditioning, in this case, the car is a conditional stimulus. This is because it used to be a neutral stimulus because it doesn’t usually cause fear, but now due to the traumatic experience, it is now an unconditioned stimulus. This is because it now causes fear and anxiety which is also connected to having an unconditioned response because it naturally occurs. At the same time, the conditioned response can also be applied to this scenario because now I am afraid of getting back into the car or seeing someone go through an accident.

Furthermore, in regard to operant conditioning, you can use this and apply it to your daily life also. For example, through positive reinforcement, you can apply operant conditioning though many different ways. For instance, when a student completes their homework on time daily, they can be rewarded with a piece of candy or object. The reward would be an example of an action being taken and the praise would be the behavior that comes along. On the other hand, an example of negative reinforcement includes something being taken away that is unpleasant, however, it is acceptable because it is strengthen the behavior. For instance, if a child throwing a tantrum because they didn’t get their favorite chips while at a store, so her mom goes out to the store again to get those chips, this is an example of an action taken where the tantrum is then avoided. However, at the same time, the behavior of getting chips will increase and more tantrums will increase also.

Example; Hi Fariah, First off, I am so sorry to read that you were in an accident and were hurt. I this it is good that you are making the connection of your fear/anxiety due to your traumatic experience. You did an excellent job connecting classical conditioning to this event and explained in great, easy to read details of how the car is a conditional stimulus that was once a neutral stimulus.  Really great job. I hope you are able to overcome this fear and continue to heal.

Discussion 2

There is one major thing I learned in my life through classical conditioning, and that was to wake up for school/work at the sound of that horrid iPhone alarm. We all know that sound. Every time we hear it, it spirals us into a PTSD state and makes us relive every moment of our life that we woke up, tired and sleepy, just to get ready for school at 6 in the morning. I associate the sound of that iPhone alarm with early mornings and lethargic mannerisms. However, I got used to the sound as time went on. It became less horrid day by day, but nonetheless, I still use it and it still triggers the same feelings that it did when I would wake up for Middle School or Highschool. In short, the theory behind classical conditioning is to associate certain stimuli with an action. In my case, I would associate the alarm with early school mornings. Before the conditioning, my mom would wake me up for school. After I got an iPhone, I decided to use an alarm, and it worked very well. I would wake up as soon as I heard the sound, whether or not I wanted to. After the conditioning though, I only associated, and still associate the alarm sound with the memories I mentioned above, and it spirals me back to PTSD-type state even if I hear the sound on someone else’s phone or on TV. It makes me exhibit emotions that are only associated with that specific alarm sound, and nothing else. I obviously hate the sound of it, but it’s very effective.

I believe I can use classical training in the future with kids of my own. I would like to have a specific bell installed in my house, which rings every time I want the family to eat together. It would be similar to an alarm sound to wake up for school, but this bell would create a totally different involuntary response.The stimulus would be the sound of the bell, and the response would be for the kids to realize it’s dinner time and come to the dining room to eat as a family. Instead of screaming out for them to come eat, the bell would be easier and it would train them from a very young age. They would always associate the bell with eating dinner/lunch, and wouldn’t need anyone to tell them to come eat, because sound of the bell would be enough. Psychologically, i would want my kids to exhibit hunger when they hear the sound of the dinner bell, so that they have an appetite to eat when they come to dining room.

Example 2: Hi Muhammad, Great job with yout post! The example of the iPhone alarm is such a great one. I also get PTSD when I hear the alarm. I especially spiral if I hear the alarm at a random time of the day.. it will stop me in my tracks! I think it was great you thought to use that as your example, you did a good job explaining it and making me relate.

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