hw would you summarize the legal issues present in the case summary of legal issues in 750 1000 words

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Research common legal issues in health care or choose one of the legal case studies from the Nurses Service Organization.

Select the legal case study Nurse Medical Malpractice Case Study

Analyze the legal case study. Ensure you include the following and use the headings –

  • Summarize the legal issues present in the case. Summary of Legal Issues
  • Brainstorm risk-mitigation techniques that the hospital could have employed to prevent the situation. Risk-Mitigation Techniques
  • Determine actions the nurse could have taken to improve the outcome. Actions to Improve Outcome

Develop a 750-1,000- Word document paper.

Format your assignment using APA guidelines.

An introduction is required. An introduction is should prepare the reader as to what will be discussed in the paper. Ex: The author will discuss. . . . . The title on page 2 of your paper should not be, “Introduction.” I recommend using the title – Legal Issues Facing Nursing.

A conclusion is required. A conclusion should refocus the reader to the main points that were discussed in the paper. Ex: The author will discuss. . . . .

Cite at least 3 evidence-based, peer-reviewed sources published within the last 5 years to support your positions.

References should be formatted using APA guidelines. Hanging indentions should be used. References are doubled spaced. Remember, all references are required to be cited within the text.

Submit your assignment. Do Not submit your paper as a pdf file or using Google Docs.

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