HS 305 Purdue Global University Unit 9 Obesity in the US Critical Analysis Essay

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  • Download either the Obesity Maps or Tobacco Maps.
  • Compose a critical analysis essay using the following guidelines:
    • Provide a description of the health issue, either obesity or tobacco use, depending on which set of maps you chose.
    • Discusses the trends you see in the maps based on the information you have received from the TED Talk and in Seminar. Be sure to touch on:
      • What each map shows.
      • How the information can be combined to determine trends.
      • What the trend appears to be for your state.
      • What the trend appears to be for the United States as a whole.
    • Locate current data on your chosen health issue other than what is in the map. Has the trend from the maps continued in the same course over the last few decades, or has there been a change in the trend? Explain.


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