Howard Community College Radiology Humerus Examination Presentation

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create a PowerPoint and each slide must explain one of the questions listed below: 

Required Critique items:

Identify or list typical patient history/demographics

State the projection and the patient position

Evaluate marker placement

Identify correct positioning  and positioning errors (CR-part-IR alignment, patient positioning)

Evaluate for inclusion of pertinent anatomy

Evaluate evidence of radiation protection factors (collimation, shielding)

Evaluate image sharpness/geometric integrity (magnification, foreshortening, elongation)

Evaluate radiographic exposure (brightness, contrast, gray scale, noise)

Identify obvious pathology and/or visible artifacts and causes

Final analysis (unacceptable, acceptable, optimal image)   

image critiques of the assigned exams: 

Humerus – AP, Lateral,

 2. Do not use labeled anatomy images. 


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