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For this discussion, you will read two articles and summarize each article in one paragraph (8 or more sentences, each longer than 10 words). Identify the technological innovation and the advantages noted in the article. Are there any disadvantages you can identify or think of? Be sure to include the title of each article you are summarizing. In a third paragraph, select the technology you think will be the most successful and indicate why.

After you have submitted your article, provide feedback to another students’ response. Must be completed by 10/21/18 (Extended to 11/7).

Go to IEEE Spectrum (must be access from MSU IP address): http://ieeexplore.ieee.org/xpl/RecentIssue.jsp?punumber=6

October 2018 (Volume 55, Issue 10)

Red light, green light – no light: Tomorrow’s communicative cars could take turns at intersections by O. K. Tonguz

AI in the ICU: In the intensive care unit, artificial intelligence can keep watch by B. Gholami, W. M. Haddad and J. M Bailey

September 2018 (Volume 55, Issue 9)

Less fire, more power: Without the needlelike growths that can short out cells, lithium-ion batteries will be safer by W. Li and Y. Cui

Silicon photonics’ last-meter problem: Economics and physics still pose challenges to “fiber to the processor” tech by A. F. J. Levi

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