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OCT 12, 2019 06:42 AM This is a first-year college assignment Please don’t write high-level vocabulary that doesn’t fit this stage,need the four or five references,



Your answer should not exceed a maximum of 400 words

10 marks

Electric vehicles are becoming more common around the world. While ownership is still quite rare, popularity of electric vehicles is on the rise, and affordability is becoming better with cars like Nissan Leaf, and Tesla Model 3 entering the markets. It has been projected that electric vehicles will eventually replace majority of the petrol cars. Based on some market research reports, by 2025, electric cars will have 5% of the market share, reaching 10% by 2030. As the electric vehicle market continues to grow, consumers will have more choices available to them than ever before.

As companies enter the electric vehicle market in the future, outline the process of market segmentation that they will need to follow in selecting their target market/s. What are the bases of segmentation that car manufacturers could use? How could car manufacturers position themselves?


Your answer should not exceed a maximum of 400 words

10 marks

Josh is designing and manufacturing stylish summer shorts for men. His new product line is nearing its release date and Josh is starting to think about distribution. Previously Josh had a website where he sold memorabilia, and he knows how to run one, but he thinks that his products (shorts) have a broader appeal. Josh has asked you for your thoughts on distribution.

What are the channels available to him? Which one would you recommend Josh chooses and why? Consider distribution intensity in your answer.


Your answer should not exceed a maximum of 800 words

20 marks

Recently Frank has opened a restaurant in Adelaide but is finding it difficult to make it successful. He previously had a business manufacturing toys but wanted to pursue his dream of running an Italian restaurant. Frank thought that running a restaurant will be the same but is finding it out the hard way that it is not.

Explain to Frank why services are different from products using Frank’s current and past businesses as examples. Also, using SERVQUAL, explain how could Frank make his restaurant more successful16oo

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