Instructions: You can use any source you prefer, the text, Internet, etc. The answers should not…

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Instructions: You can use any source you prefer, the text, Internet, etc. The answers should not take more than 1 – 2 paragraphs of text, please submit a word processing document, please make sure it's compatible with MS Word.
This is an INDIVIDUAL effort, I want each student to complete the questions on their own, you cannot solicit help, nor can you collaborate on the answers.
1.) In order to build a report for her manager, Mary needs to access data contained within the company’s Oracle database. She would like to use MS Access to create the report presentation, because she’s an expert developer, and the reporting interface is very robust.The report will need to be refreshed each morning. She’s come to you for questions regarding connectivity to the Oracle database, which method would you advise her to use to connect to the Oracle database?
2.) You have two tables with identical structure, CUSTOMER and CUSTOMER_2. (Field names: custID, CFName, CLName, CAddr1, CAddr2, CCity, CST, CZip). Create the SQL statements that would 1)list the combined rows from both tables, 2)list the matching rows in both tables, 3)list the rows in CUSTOMER that do not exist in CUSTOMER_2, and 4)list the rows in CUSTOMER_2 that do not exist in CUSTOMER. Only list the SQL, you do not need to include any results.
3.) Thomas works for a newspaper in the MIS department, the newspaper has a CUSTOMER table (Field names: custID, CFName, CLName, CAddr1, CAddr2, CCity, CST, CZip). Currently, when a new customer is added to the CUSTOMER table, a record is manually created in the BILLING table. The database is SQL Server 2008. How would you advise Thomas so that this occurs automatically each time a new record is added to the CUSTOMER table (I am not looking for any SQL code, just a verbal description will be adequate)
4.) For Gwen's Beauty Consortium, you have the logical design complete, and are ready to build the physical model. She is still unsure which DBMS system to purchase, she wants database level security, as well as column-level security (she does not want her stylists to be able to easily see what each other earns). Her company is small (5.) Goldey Beacom College is (hypothetically) thinking about opening another campus in the San Diego area. The students attending that campus would be mostly using information services there, as well as the faculty and staff. The billing systems would remain in Delaware, and there would be a need to have daily refreshed data from the main servers on the Delaware campus. This is a new endeavor for GBC, and they have hired you as a consultant, how would you advise them to accomplish this task to ensure the highest level of efficiency, and still provide reasonably current data? (Again, I am looking for your analysis approach, not an in-depth analysis.)
6.) Several years ago, the college developed an "in-house" enrollment system; it was developed for client-server and had all of the database control and logic built into the application. When it was designed the college had 1/5 of its current student population. During student enrollment periods (October, August), when there are several people entering records the system simply "locks up", and no one can enter any additional information. Eventually, the system will release and most of the users get a cryptic "Your changes were not saved; another users' changes have overwritten yours." The situation has become critical, and the college President and the VP of MIS wants to understand what is happening. They have hired you to assess the situation, what do you think is happening?
7.) You have been hired as a database administrator for a local financial services company. There are several analysts who have written queries against the transaction table for you company. It has millions of records. The analysts are complaining that their queries have gotten progressively slower over the past year. Please provide me with three suggestions on what you could do to help them improve their query performance?
8.) Explain the difference in why you would use "TRUNCATE TABLE" vs. "DELETE FROM TABLE"?
9.) From this image, is the Crime-Data table a good example of a “fact table”, why or why not?
10.)Discuss and contrast the backup strategy that you would advise for a) Gwen’s Beauty Consortium vs. b) a financial services company

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