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Assignment Details:

3-4 Pages (not counting Title Page or Reference Page)

Double spaced

Times New Roman

APA 6th Edition


Need a Catchy Title

1st. You will need to create a case scenario / client ( must be Canadian Indigenous person…. eg: Indigenous man getting released from jail OR Indigenous woman in abusive relationship on reserve etc… can create one )

2nd Select a healing ceremony (SWEAT LODGE is what the student has chosen so please use that).

You will research it and incorporate how Sweat Lodge Ceremony can enhance healing for the individual, include how the client will access the Sweat Lodge , what you will do to integrate with Western Methods, how you will do your case planning and identify your practice expectations.

3rd. You will also critically reflect on your understanding of Traditional Healing and how it fits in a contemporary context of health service delivery. Using a strengths based recovery orientation, you will demonstrate a thorough understanding of how health is interpreted in Indigenous communities as well as cultural safety and how it is reflected in service delivery. Strive to be culturally appropriate and informed. Write in your own words, as you are reflecting your understanding. There should be very little cutting and pasting as you are using your own words.

This assignment provides the opportunity for the student to demonstrate an understanding of Indigenous practice considerations in working with First Nations people and how those practices contrast with mainstream health and substance use services. A treatment process that applies the cultural lens including how their own biases impact on service delivery.

I have attached please 3 readings taken from my class.

you do not have to use them but my Prof really likes when students use the class readings in their assignments – even a small quote taken from them would be good so please try. Any other references you use can ONLY BE CANADIAN

EVERYTHING needs reference, the prof will give a ZERO if not referenced.

Only use the readings if you find them useful – it will just help me make my Prof happy – other resources are OK also (CANADIAN ONLY). please note the last part is critical reflection……. It is bolded in the instructions attached above.

Please read this before you start

My prof is very strict on formatting, grammar and plagiarism. Please ensure that the paper is well formatted with the relevant sources. ensure you in-text citation as per the sources used.

Ensure you proofread the paper and check for grammar errors before sending it.

Avoid plagiarism at all cost

Provide high quality work with a good flow

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