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You are appointed as the chief learning officer in a major technology firm located in the United States. The organization is planning to relocate three of its employees from the U.S. office to Sao Paulo's divisional office for a temporary assignment. These employees will be responsible for training local Sao Paulo employees on how to use a new enterprise software application. After the completion of the assignment, the trained employees will be evaluated and, if they are selected, will be placed in the U.S. office.

Your role is to design a training program for the expatriate employees.

Create a PowerPoint presentation of the training program. In addition to creating the presentation, make sure you include information addressing the following pointers: What should be the duration of the training?
What should be the delivery format of the training?
In what ways can the target audience be identified and the training costs effectively calculated?
What content should be included in the training program to help employees adjust to the U.S. working environment?
In what ways can the effectiveness of the training program be thoroughly evaluated?
What steps need to be taken in case the training is found to be ineffective for the employees?

Use the Notes feature to include relevant information to be discussed on each slide.

Name your document: SU_MBA6405_W3_A2_LastName_FirstInitial.ppt.

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