HCS451 Discussion

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1. Observation is an important source of learning while trying to improve. When observing you often observe only what we want to or expect to observe. Sometimes we may not notice certain actions of friends but will notice those actions in strangers. There are many types of data helpful in making changes that result in improvement. Documented observation could include a video of a manufacturing process, an entry in a journal, or a written complaint or compliment. No matter what type of data you are collecting, the collection of data should start with a plan. You can decide what data to collect from the questions you are trying to answer. Developing, testing, implementing, and spreading changes all lead to a natural set of questions. Discuss your thoughts in 150-200 words

2.As you go through the readings you may have a different view of quality. Quality is ultimately what the customer says it is. Some individuals confuse quality and perfection. Perfection is a great target but it is not the same as quality. The term continuous quality improvement (CQI in the text) ties together the concept of quality and improvement leading to but never attaining perfection.

I learned this term in 1990 when interviewing at GE in Cincinnati. An older gentleman said that they did continuous quality improvement. He emphasized “continuous” and rolled his eyes when he said the term. How would you perceive the concept in those circumstances? 150-200 Words

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