Grand Canyon University What Is a Human Being Discussion

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This question was actually very difficult to answer. What is a human being? It was the first time I asked myself this question and I had to think about it a lot. I started with listing things that makes separates humans from animals. Some of the attributes I thought were only found among us humans were: Having morality and having the ability to know right from wrong, being social and having a language, having the ability to use tools and so on. Then I realized animals can do that as well. I felt the things I listed were very elementary and I had to think more about it. I came to the conclusion that there are few characteristics that set us apart from all the other creatures on this Earth. One quality that we were blessed with is our intelligence. Yes, other creatures are very intelligent but there are many ideas they could never grasp. Secondly, human beings through their intelligence have the ability to ask questions that many cannot answer such as “where do we come from?” or “what happens after death?”. I believe a human being is a very intelligent creature with an unremarkable potential to create, to think and to do. I as a believer of God also believes that a human being was the creature called to be a child of God and the mortal called to be immortal through faith.

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