Grand Canyon University Transformational Leadership Theory Discussion

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Transformational Leadership Theory was founded by James Burns in the 1970’s. The premise of this theory is that the leaders and followers have the ability to raise each other to the highest levels of motivation and morality. This occurs through a leader that is able to empower and take care of others, is inspiring, has a focus and vision on the long-term success of the unit, identifies with followers, and has a humanitarian ideal (Whitney, 2018).
Servant Leadership, founded by Robert Greenleaf in the 1970’s works under the premise of the leader who serves others may be called to lead. This type of leader acts in a Christ-like manner, is able to listen with a non-judgmental attitude, thinks prior to decision making, chooses their words wisely, using foresight and intuition (Whitney, 2018).
While these two models show many correlations, each has their own standing. Transformational leadership takes into account the individuals within the organization and the value each one brings to the common goals of the organization which is also the weakness of this theory. The focus on the organization can discourage the individual. Servant leadership has strength in promoting the individual within the unit but the weakness can at times be the individuals (Gary, 2004). A secondary weakness may be the mental exhaustion of the leader that may lose self-awareness.
Great leadership is not about control; it is about empowering people. An empowered team is more engaged which drives higher customer satisfaction because these employees are more confident and willing to do whatever it takes for their patients. When employees are provided with the tools needed for the job, proper training, and support, and are given the room to get the job done, happier, loyal employees are the results.

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