Good Public Health Marketing ads or promotional (1.5 -2 pages)

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Public health messaging generally doesn’t do as good a job at selling messages as commercial marketers do, but there are some good examples of public health marketing. So, this week’s assignment is to find at least 1 example of good public health marketing. Post the ads or promotional content and tell us more about why you think they are good.

Think about these questions….

  • Who is the target audience for the ad? And do you think they reached them?
  • Does the ad us emotional or cognitive ways of reaching you? What emotions?
  • Does it work? Does it move you or convince you?
  • What is the message? (Is it be healthy, or open happiness?)
  • What is the ad telling you to do, or not to do?
  • What can you learn for thinking about your project by looking at these messages?

In addition to posting your ad, comment on at least 1 of your classmates’ posts.

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