Getting to Yes

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Read book “Getting to Yes ” Sections I (The Problem) and II (The Method) of the book “Getting to Yes: Negotiating
Agreement without Giving In” (GTY) by Fisher, Ury, & Patton.
Identify and discuss three personal insights related to Getting to Yes. Each insight should be
at least three paragraphs in which you (1) accurately summarize one of the authors’ points,
(2) link that point to your personal tendencies, strengths, or weaknesses, and (3) identify a
related goal that you will pursue during the course. Please be as specific as possible and
develop concrete goals.
This assignment should be 2 complete pages in length, single-spaced (not 1.15 or larger), with
blank lines between paragraphs. Have a cover sheet for your name and course section. Staple!
See the schedule for the due date/time

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