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Hi, I am starting on this class and I have to do this discussion on academic integrity. I’ll provide additional information (like pdf of syllabus and expectation of instructior) if needed.

After reading the Syllabus, Student Honor code as outlined in the Student Handbook and Barton’s expectations of Academic Integrity, you should now have a good understanding of the culture we at Barton apply in terms of Integrity, Honor and Rigor to all of our courses on campus and online.

Discuss the following scenario :

You were sick yesterday and missed your psychology class. This is a huge lecture class with 250 students taught by a graduate assistant. She gives extra credit for attendance on certain days by passing around a sheet of paper that everyone must sign their name on. Your roommate, who is also in that class, tells you that yesterday was an extra-credit day, and he signed your name on the attendance sheet for you. What would you do?

Please use the aforementioned cultural views as a guideline in discussing the following scenario with your classmates. Although you may not have the same cultural views on integrity, honor and rigor, when taking classes at an institution outside your “social norm”, it is expected that you respect your host’s views.

  • To earn credit for this question, you will need to post an initial response and then respond to at least 1 classmate.
  • Your initial post must be in paragraph form using proper English, 3-5 sentences, citing and referencing any sources.
  • Your peer response must be substantive by using the ABC method. Post at least 100 words.

A – acknowledge what your peer posted

B- build on the post by agreeing or disagreeing with your peers perspective, stating specifically why you agree or disagree with your peers perspective.

C- contribute to the post by adding new knowledge, research, personal experience, asking questions that will further the conversation. Add websites or resources.

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