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Read the article and answer the questions.

In light of the recent outbreak of pertussis ithe immunization coalition, that your are member, sends out an email to state legislators. The purpose of the letter is to inform them about your concerns potential of increased numbers in pertussis cases because school is starting and that there seems to be a loss of “herd immunity” due to low vaccination rates in this area. You also invite the legislators to discuss these issues face-to-face. The coalition receives an email back from a legislator stating, that the increase in pertussis cases is due to changes to the vaccine in the 1990s which shortened the effective life of the vaccine and not to reduction in “herd immunity.” You can find the evidence in this article: They further say they would review additional scientific information if you can find any.

So let’s start exercising your new found expertise in immunizations with a few questions (we will get to other and potentially harder questions later).

  1. What is your first impression of the response?
  2. Read the linked article. With what you know about immunology, vaccination efficacy and immunization rates, do the authors make a valid point? Does acellular pertussis vaccine have a shortened effective life? Is the baboon study referenced in the article a good article to draw conclusions on vaccines in humans? Why or why not?
  3. You want to reply back to the legislator with some information but you need to formulate a question in order to do your research. What would be your clinical question?

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