Fire Personal Management 5

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For this assignment, you are going to put together a training plan outline for your department based upon a topic of your choice.

This training plan must contain the following areas:

1. Goals of the Training Plan

2. Overview/Summary of the Training Plan

3. Learning Objectives

a. Ex. At the end of this lesson, the student should be able to:

i. Identify the differences in firefighter ranks.

4. Instructional Outline

a. Point 1

b. Point 2

c. Point 3

5. Assessment Questions

a. For this you will create at least 10 assessment questions of your choosing.

6. Appendix

a. This section will contain any training material you find relevant to the lesson (e.g., statistics, graph, images).

There are many considerations to take into account when developing a training regimen. The outline above is relatively simplified when compared with more complex topics and subjects.

Use the concepts and topics covered within Chapter 7 to your advantage as you develop your training regimen.

Determine if the training is physical training where students have to practice performing something, or if it is strictly instructional with a paper and pencil test. Also, take into account how your training might be deliverable in an online format. If another department wanted to access your training online, how might you make it available for them?

The training plan should be at least three to four pages with appropriate APA style writing.

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