film response chapter 10

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Film Response: After you watched the videos assigned in the Viewing – Comprehension section for this lesson, post a thoughtful short essay that answers the following questions:

A fellow social reformer once described the relationship between the two great American suffragists — Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Susan B. Anthony – this way: “She [Anthony] often said that Mrs. Stanton was the brains of the new [National Woman’s Suffrage] association, while she herself was merely its hands and feet.” What did Stanton mean by that? What were their relative strengths and weaknesses? How did they merge their talents to accomplish what was perhaps the most significant social change in American history?

Your Response post should be 200-250 words long.
You must include informal parenthetical citations for all material directly referenced from the sources. Use this citation format: (author, publication year)

Your Film Response must demonstrate knowledge of the material presented in the film. Don’t just provide a list of facts from the films. Instead, take notes as you watch the films, and write a thoughtful response that addresses each of the questions asked.

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