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Questions are to be answered in full
sentences. Answers should be approximately 125 words each or two to three
paragraphs each. You may use your text book, Mastering Biology or other outside
sources as references, and you must cite your references at the end of each
essay. The essay exam is not timed.

1.Compare the embryos of chickens, humans and fish, and describe
in detail how pharyngeal arches show a shared evolutionary past?

2.Explain how reproductive barriers result in the development of
different species.

3.Explain what is meant by the statement, evolution does not have
a goal.

4.Explain why you would or would not expect evolution to proceed
more quickly in a rapidly changing environment. Be sure to address all five
agents of evolutionary change in your response.

5.Explain, using the illustrations on page 155 of your text, why
penicillin, once a widely used and effective antibiotic, is now no longer
effective against penicillin-resistant bacteria.

**copy and paste the question and place the answer up under
it please give references … The TEXTBOOK IS NEEDED FOR NUMBER 5

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