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Choose one of the ethical or controversial topics below, and write an in-depth analysis of this issue. Choose a stance on this topic (most likely pro, con, or perhaps both sides), and use current and/or historical examples to support your position. Use reputable sources (academic articles, articles from media publications [Advertising Age, AdWeek, Forbes, Business Insider, PR Week, etc.], news articles, or highly regarded blogs/websites. You should have a minimum of four sources.

Select One Topic:

  • Advertising to children
  • Advertising harmful products (select one):Advertising pharmaceuticals
    • Tobacco
    • Alcohol
    • Unhealthy food/soft drinks
    • You can suggest other ideas, too
  • Advertising and politics
  • Relying on sex appeal to sell products
  • Advertising’s role in creating a materialistic society
  • Advertising and body shaming/self-esteem
  • Advertising and the reinforcement of stereotypes

Formatting: Your paper should be 3-4 pages in length, double-spaced, in Times New Roman 12 pt. with 1″ margins all around. Use a title page and a reference page, which do not count in your total page count. Use APA formatting for your paper, including the title page, reference page, and in-text citations. Avoid overusing quotes.

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