Essay at least 1200 words (His 1302: US Government Since 1865), history homework help

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You should submit a short essay (approximately 1200 words) that examines the assigned sources. Specifically, you should analyze the primary documents (texts that were written during the periods we are studying) within the broader context of the time. You should read the chapter(s) from Foner’s Give Me Liberty! before you read the documents.

+ Your essay should address:

What do the sources reveal about the period we are studying? What insight does each document provide? In other words, how does it relate to the textbook readings for the week? Try to place the different sources “in conversation” with each other to understand a time period (i.e. the Revolutionary Era). The theme of this class is the “boundaries of freedom.” You should constantly ask yourself what the course readings reveal about the boundaries of freedom. You should refer to the questions that I post in each folder to help guide you as you are reading and writing – though you do not need to answer them all in your essay. Additionally, the selections from Voices of Freedom have discussion questions that should be helpful, too.

Your responses should include SPECIFIC historical examples (arguments, people, documents, events) to illustrate your points (and to prove that you have read the textbook, the Power Points, and all of the primary sources). Use examples from ALL of the appropriate course documents to construct a full, detailed response.

+ Required Textbook: ( i dont have it so please make sure that you have it before we work togerther)

1) Eric Foner, Give Me Liberty!: An American History (4th edition)

2) Eric Foner, Voices of Freedom: A Documentary History, vol. 2 (4th edition).

+ For example, in this essay, you should engage with each of the following sources:

Foner, Ch. 15, 16, 17
VOF 96, The Mississippi Black Code
VOF 101, Chief Joseph, “An Indian’s View”

VOF 102, Sumner on Social Darwinism

VOF 112 Aguinaldo on American Imperialism

Slavery by Another Name (film) Watch first 35 mins

In the White Man’s Image (film) Watch minutes 20 through 45

+ Audience:

Your reader is a thoughtful and intelligent person, but not necessarily an expert, who has read all of the assigned readings closely.

+ Format:

Your essays should be typed, double-spaced, provide numbered pages, have 1-inch margins, and have an 11-12-point font. They do not need cover pages. These must be submitted as .doc/x or .pdf files.

+ Citation requirements:
When you are referencing the ideas of others, you must use in-text citations. When you are referencing the words of others, you must use quotation marks AND citations. A bibliography at the end does not fulfill this requirement. Using anyone else’s ideas without crediting them is plagiarism – and will result in failure of the assignment (or worse). Your essay(s) should reflect YOUR thinking, but should draw evidence (proof that your ideas are correct) from the assigned sources.

When citing the textbook, list the title in italics and page number(s):

Ex) (Give Me Liberty, pp. 468-469)

When citing a primary source, list the first two or three words of the title and page number(s),if available:

Ex) (The Mississippi Black Code, p. 5)

Ex) (Slavery by Another Name)

*Do not use Voices of Freedom as your citation. It will not be clear to me which document you are referencing.

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