English 120 Essay on Hawaiian music and how it is connected to a place.

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Length: 4- 6 typed double-spaced pages

For this paper, you will write about how you think the music is connected to a place. You can write about how you see music connecting to a place it comes from, or how events in a specific place perhaps are addressed in music; perhaps there are important ideas that are spread to a specific community through music, and you want to explore that.

My Thesis: “Hawaii is one state made up of eight main islands, with the same goal of keeping tradition alive with island music.” – This is my thesis, I would like my essay to be about this genre of music and it’s history. I have already submitted this part of the essay. If you could please go off this that would be great. Thank you. If any minor changes are needed to be made to the thesis to go with the flow of the essay that should be just fine.

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